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The way we have set up connection

A year ago IGFM (Internationale Gesellschaft fur Menschenrechte) receive a request letter to support financially vulnerable families in the district of Rokiskis, Northeast of Lithuania. We were fortunate to have had our request replied to very positively, and eventually in July, 2007 a huge shipment of donation reached to needy families of Pandelys, Panemunis and Skapiskis communities. The recipients of donated items were elderly aged people, large families with many children and families with low income.

Activities of IGFM in our community

This organization has been supporting us for the entire year already. Their donations have reached the most remote villages of Rokiskis and Kupiskis regions. In addition to supporting the individual persons, they have also provided their support to the following institutions: the Municipality of Pandelys town, the Parish House of Pandelys and Panemunis, the secondary school of Skapiskis and the kindergarten of Pandelys "Obelele". 
Very thoroughly packed boxes full of clothes, footwear, bed linen, toys, books and others were distributed to the people suffering poverty.

Special gratitude to them

A very sincere "Thank You" is herewith addressed to the Executive Director of IGFM Mr. Karl Hafen (on the right of the picture above). Owing to him, we have been connected to the Chairwoman of IGFM Mrs. Katrin Bornmueller (on the left of the picture above), who is responsible for expedient provision of donations. We are also obliged to the other members of the organization for their endless care and immense efforts in doing their best to make our people feel happier.

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