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  Christmas Wish (continued)

Christmas Joy To Underprivileged Kids

Idea of this project

Christmas is a special holiday to people all over the world. For some of them it is the time to enjoy the birth of Jesus Christ, for some it is the day that raises optimism in their hearts. There are approximately 70 severely underprivileged children who come from socially disadvantaged families where the lack of clothes, school things and even ordinary toys is distinctly felt. On the occasion of Christmas Holiday we initiated the project “Christmas Wish” which is meant to attract some organizations or individuals that have some unused things they might donate to these underprivileged ones. This could be the beginning of building the pathway to happiness for those who can not achieve it themselves.






Sponsors who joined us
Although there isn`t  much time left to Christmas, some of the good people from different site of the world responded positively regarding the fulfillment of this project. Above on the left and slightly below there are logos they have created to encourage people to help underprivileged and socially disadvantaged children. Those volunteers come from Germany and they are also preparing some packages to be sent to our school. Due to their enthusiasm we are going to get our children and school provided with some valuable items which will vastly enrich educational process at our school.




Owing to their friendship and helpfulness some other people were involved into this charitable project. Some advertisement has been made to get others involved into the Christmas Wish Project. They also invited us t participate in their virtual lessons which is sure to be educationally valuable activity. It is our pride to place their link below.  






Colour4kids Organization 


Not long ago, there was a very kind and positive response to be heard from the Dutch organization that has been running charitable activity for several years already. First of all, it was its founder Mr. Marcel Verhaag to reply. Later on, he and his friends decided to make the Christmas Holiday unforgettable by providing various soft toys, school things, teaching means, some clothing and other items to the underprivileged children. Below on the left is one photo with children holding the soft toys that have been donated by Mr. Jos who came to visit our school. Furthermore, some of the members from Colour4kids are going to visit our school on Christmas and  decorate it by doing some paintings on school`s walls.

This is the website of their charitable organization 


The burst of joy



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