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Who we are

The country of Lithuania has always been believed to be a tiny particle of ex USSR. Nowadays the views of foreigners are changing and it is being recognized as the country of incomparable uniqueness.
Skapiskis Secondary School is located in the rural area, merely 18 kilometers away from the closest town titled Kupiskis. Since our school is situated in neighborhood of dense and beautiful forests, we have a great probability not only enjoy the fascinating beauty of our countryside, but perform various environmental projects as well, many of whom have been globally acknowledged and granted.

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Where we could be spotted


This site has been built due to a close cooperation between teachers and their pupils. Though there are approximately 300 schoolchildren attending our school and precisely 15 teachers who are teaching them, the biggest tribute has been made by the 8th form pupils who are the most active ones in both participating in school life and various projects, pertaining to environment, animals, intercultural relations, etc.




...Somewhere on the shore of the Baltic Sea

Have you ever heard of what Lithuanian gold is nicknamed? It is known as amber. That is why the huge nuggets of amber are frequently washed on
shore of Lithuania. Our children are craftily using them by making little souvenirs and amulets. In short, we trying not only to gain everything from nature, but give something in return as well.


Further info

If you either would like to get involved or collaborate with us, please contact us via e-mail on the right. Do not hesitate to express your remarks either. This will help us improve. Thanks

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